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heartfelt ceremonies for all occasions

I would be happy to arrange ceremonies and bring meaning to all of your significant moments and events.

service options

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Say farewell to your loved one in a way that is as unique and individual as the person it is for.


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Share the joy and pride of welcoming the newest member of your family with a ceremony that reflects your love and commitment to your child.

Naming ceremonies

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I ensure that the minimum requirement for legal marriage is complied with and that your service is heartfelt.

Wedding ceremonies

Wedding ceremonies


I provide a range of wedding ceremony packages, perfectly tailored to your individual vision and requirements. 

If you want to ensure that your ceremony is totally unique my services provide lots of flexibility and guidance to ensure that it is a true reflection of your love story. I marry you at the location of your choice, attend a rehearsal and write a ceremony unique to you. Base price $700 plus travel over 25 km.

bespoke ceremony package

This option is particularly popular with couples planning to hold their ceremony overseas or wanting a no fuss option. A legal Australian wedding ceremony can be as short as five minutes. If this is what you desire, I will be happy to help with a simple, professional and legal ceremony at my office, South Beach or a location within the city of Fremantle.​ Prices start from $500. 

Chic and sweet ceremony package

Need something in-between? Let's work together to create an amazing memory!

naming ceremonies

Share the joy and pride of welcoming the newest member of your family

A naming ceremony is a joyous occasion that brings together the wide circle of family and friends that will be involved in a child's life. It welcomes the child into their community surrounded by expressions of joy, hope and acceptance.

Many parents select this form of ceremony because they would like their child to be free to choose, if they wish, their own religious or spiritual pathway later on in life.  

when you engage me

I will meet with you to discuss your hopes and expectations for the naming ceremony, the format the ceremony may take and how you may like to acknowledge the role of others in the life of your child – grandparents, older siblings, other relatives, or friends. Perhaps one of those people will be asked to present a reading.

naming ceremonies are not only for children

Adults may also choose to have a ceremony. Whatever the reason that you would like a name giving ceremony, you can be assured that by booking with me I have the necessary skills to make your ceremony all that you would wish it to be.

funeral ceremonies

farewell your loved one in a unique and individual way

I will strive to write a ceremony that shares the unique life story of your loved one and honours them, whatever the circumstance of their passing. 

Through the sharing of personal stories, family and friends are encouraged to give expression to all that was felt for the person who has died.

when you engage me

sunset scattering of the ashes

This ceremony suits people who would like a service at one with nature for their loved one that finishes with the return of their ashes to the Indian ocean. Select a Fremantle beach location or offshore (boat not provided).

Memorial/funeral services start from $450

traditional funeral service

You may choose me as your Celebrant for your loved one and advise your funeral arranger of your decision. I am available to write and perform services at Fremantle and Karrakata cemeteries and funeral parlours within 25 km of my office in Fremantle.

vow renewals + other ceremonies

acknowledge the support and love your partner has provided

Renewal, or re-affirmation of your vows, is a way in which you can acknowledge the support and love your partner has given throughout your relationship.

Often for mature couples who have grown together and closer over the years or just because you can! Life is short. Sometimes you just have to make more magical memories. 

Making time to put aside our daily activities, recognising the significant events, sharing in the joy and pleasure of our family and friends; to help us move on to new beginnings or to help us say goodbye; supporting and caring for, reflecting on and understanding others journeys, are the moments that can bring true meaning and purpose to our lives and unite us all as humans. 

other significant moments

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Funerals and Memorials, Pet Memorials, Divorce Ceremonies, Blessing a home, Citizenship Ceremony, Celebrating the return of a person to the family fold,